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K – 11


Plan your outfit the night before picture day! A clean and pressed outfit will create a beautiful portrait. Ironing the collar makes all the difference in close-up portraits! Spring Portraits are generally full-body so check your outfit from head to toe.
Choose colors that compliment your eye color and skin tone. White does not photograph well; solid colors and small patterns are generally best.
Avoid spaghetti straps and off the shoulder tops, t-shirts with pop culture images, logos, superheroes and words.


Wash your hair the night before so it will be clean and shiny. Practice new hairstyles and schedule all haircuts at least a week before picture day to avoid unexpected “Hairy” situations.


Be sure to show off your smile! Don’t have kid’s smile with their mouth closed – Natural smiles are best. Missing or gap teeth and braces are part of being a kid!

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