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What are my deadlines?

March 1st is the deadline for all submissions.

I would like some information on starting a yearbook with Strawbridge Studios…how do I start?

Please email ybsales@strawbridge.net, include your school name, contact information and times you are available for training.

What happens after I submit my book?

After you submit your yearbook we will begin the proofing and printing process.  We provide you with a printed copy of your book for review before we go to press, so our process takes a little longer than most due to this extra feature.  It guarantees a better quality product with fewer errors.

When will we be receiving our books?

Softback books will be delivered within 4 weeks of submission, hardbacks within 6 weeks of submission.

How do I keep track of my orders? How do I know who ordered online?

You can keep track of orders and print reports out by going to the following link, http://www.imagequix.com/exec/orderReports/ssYB.php , and enter your 6 digit school code.

You should have received your 6 digit school code in your kit or via email, but please contact ybsupport@strawbridge.net if you cannot find your code.

Can the school order more books?

Yes, the school can place an order for more softback yearbooks. We require a minimum of 25 books to an order and there is an additional shipping and re-printing fee added to the price of the books. Delivery of a re-order normally takes 2 to 3 weeks.

Can parents order their books online?

If your school chose to use on-line ordering then parents can order on-line.

Can parents order directly from Strawbridge?

We’d prefer if all sales go through the school first.  The school manages the sales of the yearbooks so we want to make sure each one is sold so they are not left with unsellable books.  If the school has closed their sale for the year we can provide parents with books, but please check with your school first before trying to order a book directly through Strawbridge.

Can I make elements in photoshop and place them in the book?

Backgrounds and graphic elements can be created in alternate software like Photoshop and brought into the software. Make sure you are saving these images as JPGs. And if you create your own background be aware that the page size is 8.5” × 11” at 300 dpi.

How do I submit an image to you?

If you are having trouble uploading images, please email ybsupport@strawbridge.net for assistance.

Who do I talk to if I want to change my copy count? Who do I talk to if I want to change my page count?

You should discuss copy and page changes with your Account Representative.  The price of each book will change when you adjust pages and copies. If you are unsure of who your representative is please contact our main office at ybsupport@strawbridge.net or by calling 800-889-6092.

Who do I talk to about pricing?

Our representatives would be more than happy to discuss price with you. Please email ybsales@strawbridge.net and the local area representative will get you a quote within 24 hours.

Are we able to correct the book/cover before it goes to print?

We use a hard copy proofing system that is commonly found in commercial printing. After book submission we print one copy of the book and cover you laid out and mail the book to you for review. Mark any corrections on the proof itself, fill out the correction form, and return the proofs and forms to our offices.

How do I choose my cover?

You can design your own cover in the layout software we provide. You can also design your own cover in whichever software you feel comfortable with, but you must submit a PDF that is print ready it needs to be 11.25” ×17.25” with 1/16th bleed on each side at 300dpi.

We also provide a number of per-made designs for you to choose from. Visit http://www.strawbridge.net/administrators/yearbooks/our-program/standard-cover-designs/ and select a standard cover right away.

When will I receive my portrait CD/download OR When will my students be available in the on-line layout program?

We make sure your original, absentee and faculty picture day are included in one export. Once the final absentee is submitted to our labs we load all of your students up to your requested layout software.

What if I want a custom cover design?

Submit all digital materials to ybsupport@strawbridge.net, and in the subject line of the email include your school name and the words ‘Yearbook Custom Cover’.

One of our talented designers will create a custom cover for you.

If you have hard copy materials that need to be scanned, please send them to:

Strawbridge Studios, Inc.
Yearbook Department
3616 Hillsborough Road
Durham, NC 27705

We will return all original copies after the yearbook has been printed and delivered.

Do you create custom designs for the book? Is that an extra Charge?

NO CHARGE, free custom design by a professional designer. You will receive cutting edge cover design for free, we highly recommend all hard back customers take advantage of our custom cover service.

I really want to create the book with a specific theme do you have any artwork or designs that are theme based?

Although we offer custom cover design, we DO NOT offer custom theme designs.

We do have a number of themes built into the backgrounds and clip art of the software.  We do not do custom theme design. You have the ability to customize your pages in the program.

How do I submit corrections to Strawbridge?

Mark all corrections on the proof in red ink OR write up a concise, page by page description of what you want changed and mail it back into our labs with the proof.

Strawbridge Studios, Inc. – Yearbook Department
3616 Hillsborough Road
Durham, NC 27705

I’m concerned about selling all of my books, what can we do to increase sales at our school?

There are many easy things you can do to promote yearbook sales at your school;

  • -Have homeroom teachers to announce the sale every morning
  • -Mention the upcoming yearbook sale deadlines on the morning announcements
  • -Hold a cover contest around school to drum up interest
  • -Place the posters we provide in high traffic areas around the school
  • -Send the order forms we provide home to the school
  • -Display pages you’ve designed in a public area dedicated to collecting yearbook money

These are just a few great ways to promote yearbook sales, please contact your representative for more assistance today.

Please take a moment to review our promotion guide found at  http://www.strawbridge.net/yearbooks/resources/flyers-forms/

Do we offer one-on-one training?

There are several different approaches to training we can provide;

  • -Our representatives can come by to do training in person. Please contact your representative to see when they will be available for training.
  • -We provide a training manual with your yearbook kit.
  • -We offer Webinars twice a week during the yearbook season, please email ybsupport@strawbridge.net to schedule a webinar today. One of our customer service staff members can log into your computer and hold the demonstration over the internet.
  • -Visit resources under the yearbook section to view our tutorials.
  • -Please call our Customer Service line to speak to someone.
How long till I receive my proof?

Once the book is submitted it takes 5 to 7 business days plus shipping time to deliver the proof to the school.

Once my proof is returned how long should I expect until my books arrive?

Once the proof is returned it usually take 2 to 3 weeks for softback books to be delivered, and 3 to 4 for hardbacks.

I would like to use the yearbook portraits for (School Function, Presentation or website), am I able to?

The provided PSPA images are ok for on-line use. But the images are sized down to be used for yearbook portraits so printing them any larger than a portrait panel will result in poor print quality. You may want to contact your representative for more information regarding the products and services we can offer.

The images provided to you are copyright protected and are solely for the use of publishing yearbooks subject to the terms and conditions of license provided by the school photographer to the school (“License Agreement”). Unless otherwise stated in the License Agreement or with the school photographer’s prior written consent, reproduction is limited to the traditional class portrait pages of the yearbook. You do not have permission to make copies for sale, or other distribution in any manner that circumvents the sale of these images by the photographer.

What sort of format should our photos be in?

All images should be JPGs. If you can control your image size set them to 300 DPI and make them 4.5×6 inches, 1200×1800 pixels.

I want to get started right away, how should I go about getting started? I can start even if I don’t have my portraits ready on-line yet, right?

There are a number of steps you can take to make your yearbook layout process smooth and efficient. We recommend:

  • -Fill out the page ladder so you can organize how your book is going to be laid out. You can start preparing the pages by placing backgrounds, clip-art and text on the pages you intend to flow the students on.
  • -Make sure you have pictures for each class, clubs, sports, and organization that you want to dedicate space to in your yearbook. It’s always good to have an activity or a group shot of each class so you can decorate your page with diverse images.
  • -Make sure you have extra activity shots and field trip pictures for your montage pages. To keep a book interesting, you will find that you create montage pages to end a section or fill pages in the yearbook. If you have extra pictures and you don’t know if you can use them or where to place them, consider these pictures for your montage page, you’d be surprised what you can come up with!
  • -Organize all your pictures in a structured manner. Create a master yearbook folder on your desktop, then create folders within for each page in your book. As you collect images store them in the appropriate folder, then when you’re ready to upload your pictures they’ll fall right into place.
  • -Get your hands on a few yearbooks. They could be from a previous year at your school, or yearbooks from other schools in the area. This will give you ideas and provide a loose guide to follow while laying out your yearbook.
  • -Most importantly, make sure you receive and check your MugBook! We recommend distributing each page of the mugbook to your teachers so they can identify who is missing from their classes.

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