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Easily access all of your yearbook resources here.

We’ve made the yearbook process easy for you to manage every step of the way. Below you’ll be able to order sales material, submit covers, track orders, download helpful resources, and much more!

Yearbook Renewal

Principal, PTA President, or other authorizing official

Please only submit once you have received approval from your Principal or PTA President.

Order Sales Material

Flyers (Online Sales Only)Digital Flyer (Online Sales Only)Envelopes (Online & In-Person Sales)Envelopes (In-Person Sales Only)


SchoolStrawbridgeOther (indicate in Special Instructions)

Leave blank for no deadline

Leave blank for no deadline

Will default to March 15th if no other deadlines provided

Personalization Options (Option only available for online sales)



Will default to March 15th if no other deadlines provided

Submit Standard Cover

Click here to download our Standard Cover catalog.

Please contact your Strawbridge Yearbook Representative to discuss non-Standard cover options like Mosaics, Custom Designs, or using student artwork.

Yearbook Cover Options


We have a great selection of Standard Cover choices available, including many with variable color options and/or the ability to add your school logo or mascot. Scroll down and click “View Standard Covers” to see our online gallery.
Click here to download our Standard Cover Catalog in PDF format.


Let your imagination run wild and create a masterpiece! Custom covers are great for having cover contests to get kids involved. We accept both student artwork and designs created in programs like Adobe InDesign or online software like Canva.
Please contact us for sizing and format requirements or to request templates.


Use your students’ individual Fall portraits on any photo of your choice, like your school, your mascot, a drawing, or even custom artwork to create a beautiful mosaic design.

Advisor Resources

Our Yearbook Planning Guide is designed as a roadmap to help advisors navigate the yearbook process. The kit is full of important information and planning materials, including sale tips, a ladder diagram, color swatches, and more!

Download (PDF)

This handy checklist will help you stay on track with the yearbook process throughout the year.

Download (PDF)

The Final Submission Form is the ticket to getting your yearbook sent to press. This will be your last chance to make any adjustments on the number of books ordered, so please make sure you fill out this form and submit it after reviewing your book proof and ensuring any necessary corrections have been made.

Download Form (PDF)

Click below to download User Manuals and Content Reference Guides for each of our yearbook software programs.


User Manual Content Reference Guide


User Manual Content Reference Guide

These one-sheet PDF guides provide instructions on how to verify and correct portrait data in the yearbook software. This process is crucial to ensure that names are correct, students and staff appear where they should, and no one is left out of the book.

PLICBooks Correction Guide Pixami Correction Guide

Need to see who ordered yearbooks online? Click below to access our advisor portal, where you can track your online orders and download a report. If you did not receive a login when your online ordering was activated, please contact us at

Advisor Portal


This basic spreadsheet can help you keep track of your yearbook orders, which you will need to do for distribution purposes.

Download Spreadsheet (Excel)

This fillable Ladder Diagram will help you organize the content of your yearbook pages so that as you create the book, you’ll know exactly what material goes on which page.

Download PDF

These Color Swatches will help as a reference when submitting choices for customized cover designs.

Download PDF

These fillable, half-page sized PDF flyers can be used for directing parents and students to place their yearbook orders online. There are 2 versions: one for providing an online order code, and one for providing a direct link to the order page.

Online Code Version Direct Link Version Online Code (Spanish) Direct Link (Spanish)

Below you’ll find links to external resources for stock images and free photo editing software.

Stock Images

Getty Images Pixabay Pexels

Photo Software

GIMP IrfanView Photopea


Software Tutorials