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Types of Yearbook Binding

Soft Cover

Our saddle stitch binding type is the most economic and popular choice for yearbooks.  The cover is card stock with a folded, stapled spine.  We use 4 staples instead of the typical 3 for increased strength & durability.  These books are limited to a 72-page maximum.

Perfect Bound

This binding type appeals to the economy of a soft cover book while providing a great look and capacity for more than 72 pages (20 pages minimum).  The covers are card stock with a flat spine and glued-in pages.

Hard Cover

This binding type allows for the highest page capacity and is the most durable.  The covers are 80 pt. binders board, wrapped in a printed cover design, with pages bound & glued into the spine.  There is no limit on page count, though there is a 20-page minimum.

Software Options


Want to have fun & save time on creating a yearbook? Are you an adviser who just wants to finish the book on the weekend? PLICBooks is the choice for you! Our newly developed software is the latest yearbook development that revolves around intuitive learning & ease of use. Template & theme driven, PLICBooks is organized so you can make a great looking book in no time at all. Please contact our studios for a demonstration today!  
Downloads: User Manual | Content Reference Guides


Pixami is a layout driven software that gives the yearbook advisor full control over the project. Pixami allows simultaneous multiple users, making it great for student projects or a yearbook class. Pixami features uncomplicated tools to help you create professional looking pages quickly and efficiently. Pixami can be accessed from any high speed internet connection, so you can create your yearbook at school or from home.  
Downloads: User Manual | Content Reference Guide

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